Iceberg Theology

There are two parts to every iceberg, the part above and the part beneath the water line. The ratio may surprise you, 8% is visible and 92% is hidden from sight.
People are like that, wouldn't you say?

The 8%?  A child misbehaves at school. The 92%? Each morning this child gets up, combs hair, brushes teeth, etc all by himself.  Dad’s gone to work. Mom’s still in bed.  Nobody cares, and he aches to be noticed.

The 8%? A teenage girl wears baggy clothes, wears her hair so that it forms a narrow frame around her face, and is never seen without sunglasses.   The 92%?  She has an eating disorder. When she looks in the mirror she is so ashamed, she hides...

The 8%?  Someone you know is always angry, so angry that you find it is best to avoid him.  The 92%?  The repeated wounds others have left on him. Like an animal with an open sore, he barks, he bites, he pushes others away. He is afraid to be vulnerable.

What about you?
Yes, maybe your 92% is different than anyone elses, but it is there. There are worry, regrets, injuries, insecurities, & the like.  all of it beneath the surface where no one can see.

To this, there are two things worth mentioning.
1) Everyone is an iceberg.
2) Jesus died for that stuff.

Welcome Home!
Pastor Dave