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Than Yourself

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Coffee/Donuts & Bible Study

Sundays at 9:00 a.m.

226 N Putnam St, Algona, Iowa

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Did We Mention Donuts?

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We've Been Praying for You!

For centuries,
the Wailing Wall in Jerusalem
has been a place
where people leave their prayers,
the cracks and crevices
stuffed full, voices
sharing their hearts with God.

So yes, you are on our prayer wall!

We may not know you yet,
but we are praying
that you find a place to call home.


Wednesday nights are family nights.
We start with Food,
 then there's learning,
  and finish off with worship.

A church for you

Talk with a Pastor

Pastor Dave is always willing to have a talk whenever you need one! 

Request Prayer

Need some extra prayers? We can  add you to our prayer chain or, if you wish, keep it confidential.


Would counseling help?  We'll get you pointed in the right direction.

Crisis Help

Going through a crisis? We will walk beside you.

Picture Yourself Here!

This isn't just a church.
It's a family, and a good one.

We worship together,
learn together,
work together,
and play together.

We love Jesus and care for others.

Dip Your Toe In...

We have been praying for you.

We maybe don't know who you are yet, but we know that you didn't just stumble on us. It's no accident you're here.

Come for a Sunday morning. Check out a Wednesday night. Contact Pastor Dave. We would like to put a name with our prayer.

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