What We Believe

We live on the third planet, in a small solar system that revolves around a medium sized star. This star, which we call the sun, is tucked away in one corner of a place where there are millions and millions of stars, spinning around in a mind boggling space called the Milky Way. This galaxy, is but one of countless other galaxies, chained together endlessly, one, next to another, next to another.

God is bigger than this.  He is more powerful than all the combined energies of all those millions of stars in all those countless galaxies. With a single sentence, God created it all. He didn’t lift a finger, he just spoke and there it was.

It makes one wonder, with all that size and all that power, why should he concern himself with an insignificant band of creatures tucked away in the backwater of the universe?

The whole thing is preposterous, but this is what we believe and we believe it with all our hearts.  Our God reaches through the endless galaxies, and solar systems down to this third planet of this medium sized star to touch not just humanity, but to deeply, passionately love you. He knows everything about you. He sees all your world, the good and the bad, the weight of responsibility and the deep longings of your soul, He has even counted the hairs on your head. He loves you so much that he comes here to live with you, to be your friend, to die for you.

Are there details?  Of course there are, but it’s not complicated.  The details are there for one purpose only, so that you might know this God who unconditionally loves you.

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